Slice Mini Cutter Auto Retractable Ceramic Blade 10514




The Slice Mini Cutter works well as either a safety box cutter, a handy pocket knife or a kitchen multi-tool. Lightweight and a small frame, the cutter easily fits in the palm of your hand. The auto-retractable blade stays out of the way when not in use, and the built-in magnet and key hole keeps the cutter easily available and ready to use. The Mini Cutter includes a replaceable ceramic rounded tip safety blade which is non-sparking, chemically inert, autoclave friendly, and never rusts.

  • Handle type: auto retractable
  • Rubberised slider button
  • Finger-friendly edge stays sharp 11x longer
  • Reduces injuries, lowers costs
  • Built-in magnet keeps tool handy
  • Chemically inert, never rusts
  • No-tool blade change


Type Knives & Knife Blades
Manufacturer Slice Inc
Brand Slice
Colour Green/Black
Form Knife
Retractable Yes
For use with 10404, 10408 blades
Cutting Depth 9.85mm
Dimensions 61x36.65x9.9mm
Weight 12.4g

£14.55 exc VAT

£14.55 exc VAT